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Give Support 支持軸物 – 軸物行者

Give Support 支持軸物


What all we do are non-profitable. Any support and giving are using to make it sustainable for our community good.  There are 3 modes of support you may contribute:

1 : GIVING!  資助軸物!

  1. Direct support by sponsoring tools, materials and consumable WoT parts. Click here to know what need right now!;
  2. We need extra spaces for making WoT (especially for the big bike projects) and storage space for bulky bikes/ parts regularly, or in short term;
  3. Direct support with cash donation via Paypal  (Sorry that we are not “recognized” charity under Ord. 88, although our charitable sense is even stronger);

2 : SHOP US!  聘軸物!

  1. Shop us as  Annual Fans Member for regular support, and we give bi-monthly seminar admission to you;
  2. Shop to buy our products; 
  3. Shop to buy our bike tuning or repairing services


  1. Join us as Fans to get involved into our making life;
  2. Join us as our collaborators/ partners;
  3. Join our Workshops or seminar


Please Join Us by filling the form, or contact us by email ( or message us at Facebook page.