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Shops & Tools + – 軸物行者

Shops & Tools +

「軸物行者」集創新、手藝、技術和社會創新的知識交流平台,我們設備齊全的工作室佔1,900平方呎,位於香港其中一個老社區 – 土瓜灣的一棟工廠大廈之內。我們的核心成員和一些來自不同專門範疇的義務成員,每天都在那空間進行創新與嘗試。工作室既是教育、創作與工作場所,也是業餘愛好者,藝術家,和初創企業家創建他們夢想的實驗空間。雖然我們的工作室不甚規模,但一般所須的工具、零件和耗材都已經齊備,以讓喜歡研究自行車、分享知識,以及動手造的我們提供合適的空間,一起成為「軸物行者」

Wheel Thing Makers integrate creative, technical and social innovation as the knowledge exchange platform, where we occupy a 1,900sq square factory building unit in the old community at To Kwa Wan. We operate by our core members and a number of dedicated volunteers, and our lead Bike Innovator, Gary is the shop host daily. Our shop is furnishing education, tools, workspace, and community to empower dedicated fabricators, including hobbyists, artists, and early stage entrepreneurs to create on medium or small scale. Although we are not having big studio, but the essentials tools, parts and accessories are already in place, so that people like to study bicycle sharing of knowledge, as well as hands-on fabrications.


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