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About 關於軸物 + – 軸物行者

About 關於軸物 +

今天的單車,於城市裡除了是作為代步和綠色生活潮流的工具,更是文化上的一種追求,代表著貼近社區、走進鄰里間的一種姿態。而它其實可以有更多的可能性。剛成立不久的「Wheel Thing Makers 軸物行者」,以廣為人識的「環保單車發明家」Gary Chan 陳培基為首,透過與其團隊共同籌劃單車創作走進社區「社駒營造」專案的創作過程,以創新精神與社區教育的手段,專注單車相關創作並與社區共享、經歷,以創新體現不同的社會意義。


We are a group of makers, innovators and enthusiasts for Wheel of Things (WoT), and「Wheel Thing Makers 軸物行者」was established in 2015, a non-profit community fabrication shop located in To Kwa Wan, the local community in Hong Kong. By advocating the spirit of “Community of Practice”, on one hand we create bike-liked objects with functions for the communities, on the other hand, we provide various supports to other enthusiasts.   Our mission is to support and promote the teaching, learning and practicing of design and fabrication by focusing in WoT, include bike creation, with the goal of making the world a place where creative local individuals are able give form to their ideas.


Nowadays, bike to the city as a means of transport and in addition to the trend of device for green living, but also a cultural pursuit, representing closely to the community and serve as a gesture with the neighborhood. However, it can actually have more possibilities.  Wheel Thing Makers is leading by Paddy, social planner and green bicycle inventor, Gary Chan , by creation of joint planning bicycle into the community project of the creative process , a means of innovation and community education , the creation of dedicated bicycle -related and share with the community, experience , innovation and reflect the different social significance.


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土炮小驅 in Tokwawan


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